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The little Residenz“ – our Inn

„Hier bin ich Mensch, hier darf ich's sein!“ (Goethe)
„Here I feel alive, here is my place!“ (Goethe)

view from the castle

Inhale the fragrance of the Classical Weimar from the building in which Johann Wolfgang von Goethe himself spent time.

From here, Goethe was able to better enjoy the proximity and company of Baroness von Stein...

..... enjoy the exquisite and unique location we are able to offer:

  • across the street from Weimar's royal residence
  • 2 walking minutes from the Anna Amalia Library, the Market Square and the Pedestrian Only Shopping Area
  • a short 5-minute walk will bring you to private studies of classical poets and thinkers, namely Goethe and Schiller's.  You can also visit the Bauhaus-Museum and there see genius work of famous artists and architects who once worked and studied in Weimar.
  • a ten-minute walk brings you to Goethe's garden house.
  • the magnificent Ilm Park behind the Residence offers various paths, which are perfect for afternoon strolls or jogging/running for the more ambitious.

Come see for yourself and feel at home in one of our lovely designed rooms.

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